FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Griffinworks products different?

The whole idea behind Griffinworks is to produce functional “industrial retro” style furniture made of recycled pallet wood and steel as a way of paying homage to the rich industrial past of the historical Griffintown neighbourhood of Montreal. Wood and steel are the two basic materials that were used by the workers and factories that operated in Griffintown during the industrial revolution of Montreal, Quebec, and Canada during the second half of the 19th Century.

Why purchase a Griffinworks product?

Anyone who purchases a Griffinworks furniture piece is making a statement that they understand, acknowledge, and value the importance of Griffintown in the history of Montreal, Quebec, and Canada. To salute and cement this connection with the past, each furniture item is embedded with a visible “Griffinworks medallion of authenticity”. You may also be attracted to Griffinwork’s sustainable use of recycled/reclaimed wood and raw industrial steel. Or, you may simply like the “industrial chic” look and feel of the Griffinworks designs! That’s ok too!

How can I buy a Griffinworks piece of furniture?

Because each Griffinworks product is custom-made, one at a time, we are set up to take orders online exclusively. The prototype designs shown on the website are to be used as a guide in formulating your order. For more information on ordering online, go to http://griffinworks.ca/how-to-order/.

Where can I see all of Griffinworks designs/products?

To make ordering easier, Griffinworks has created generic furniture prototypes to help you formulate your furniture order. You can see photos and detailed specifications for all products at the following link: http://griffinworks.ca/furnitures/

Is A Deposit Required?

Yes, because these are custom-made items a 50% advance deposit is required for orders of all Griffinworks products. When ordering via the website shopping cart, make sure you set the Discount Code to Deposit50 to pay only the initial 50% deposit. Otherwise, you will be charged the entire amount when you place your order. To access the shopping cart for all/any furniture items go to the following link: http://griffinworks.ca/furnitures/

What If I need more information or want to discuss details?

If you can’t find what you want on the website and/or have additional questions, please go to following page and send us your question: http://griffinworks.ca/contact/. We will normally get back to you within 24 hours, or less.

Does Griffinworks have a store or showroom?

No, Griffinworks does not have a bricks and mortar store. The current business model operates using an online store only. However, if you would like to see the Griffinworks prototypes up close (i.e. the ones shown on the website), arrangements can be made to give you a tour of our Griffintown storage facility where the prototypes are stored. To set up a viewing appointment, please contact us via: http://griffinworks.ca/contact/

Where are Griffinworks products made?

All Griffinworks furniture products are conceived, designed and stored in Griffintown, while the actual manufacturing takes place just down the Lachine Canal from Griffintown in neighbouring St. Henri, at the Helios-Makerspace workshop. Arrangements can be made to give you a tour of that facility by contacting us via: http://griffinworks.ca/contact/

What about delivery and/or shipping?

Griffinworks was created to primarily serve the greater Montreal area. It therefore offers free delivery anywhere within 25 km. of Montreal Island, or you can pick up your order if you prefer. Arrangements can be made to deliver or ship products elsewhere, on a case-by-case basis. If you have special shipping or delivery requirements or questions please contact us at: http://griffinworks.ca/contact/

How long will my order take?

Once your order has been processed via the website (i.e. 50% deposit required), your order should typically be completed and ready for delivery within two (2) to three (3) weeks. After you make your deposit you will receive an e-mail advising you about the expected processing time.

Other questions or concerns?

If your questions or concerns aren’t addressed above or elsewhere on the website, please send them to us via: http://griffinworks.ca/contact/